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Because how else do you get to know me?

Hola Amigos!

This is honestly so bizarre for me but here goes nothing. My aim for this blog is to help anyone I can, to help those that struggle with one, or two or three of what I call the ‘Triple A’s’

  • Allergies
  • Autism
  • Anxiety

This isn’t where negatives of my life are going to be shown but as a 15 year old girl whom struggles with all three of these, I’d like to help you as much as I possibly can.

Life for any teenager is hard enough as the stress of exams get piled on top of you so much you feel like you can’t breathe as the weight on your shoulders increases every day in the build up to one of the hardest, most stressful times of your life. Let alone if you’re facing the struggle of one of my ‘Triple A’s’, let alone multiple.

Throughout this process as my blog ‘hopefully’ grows I will do my very best to help each and everyone of you, but while I do that, I’m sure we’d all appreciate us working together, because as I’m sure you’ve all been told atleast a thousand times in your life “You’re not alone” but with each other, I hope we can all believe it.

Of course the aim of this blog is to help anyone though, so even if you haven’t got any of the ‘Triple A’s’ and the exam pressure or anything else is just getting too much please feel free to comment etc.

Now we’ve got the aim of the blog over and done with I guess I have to share about me, in order to get you lovely lot to feel comfortable and open up:

  • Allergies? For me, I’m allergic to dairy and egg. I’m anaphylactic and carry an EpiPen at all times. I know the struggle of not wanting to stand out but needing to make people aware. Please, Please, Please, don’t keep people in the dark; the majority of the time your friends will care enough to help you out, if not, maybe new friends could be the best possibility.
  • Autism? For me, it’s PDA (pathological Demand Avoidance Syndrome) Those of you who aren’t aware of this diagnosis, it’s on the Autism Spectrum and means that you struggle with the everyday demands of life. Just like all Autism..It’s a lifetime diagnosis and therefore I have never known any different. But no matter what the Autism, I hope others and myself can help, we’re in the same boat after all.
  • Anxiety? For me, I don’t remember a time when I didn’t struggle with this life changing disorder, although I hate the word ‘disorder’ you’ll soon see on these blogs that I struggle with the right words at times, no thanks to my crap english teacher. And no, to all you worrying that I’m overreacting because I’ve been nervous once or twice in my life, I promise you it’s not that. I know the harsh reality of what Anxiety can do to ‘normal’, happy people and with your help I hope we can slowly return to our original selves.

I can only hope this blog kicks off and we are all able to help each other. My aim is to write every week atleast once, to keep you all updated with my life and the ever-exciting, but challenging life of the ‘Triple A’s’


Abigail J


x x x