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Hola (take eighteen) Amigos!

I know I start every blog apologising about the late update but I really am sorry. It seems handling GCSE’s and updating this blog is too much for me to handle.

Today I sat my first GCSE of 22 over the next two months. It was English which I’m confident with so it did relieve a bit of stress and overall my nerves weren’t too bad. Even in the exam hall, with the demands being thrown left, right and centre, I survived! I came out with the same smile I walked in with and that is one hell of an achievement for me.

Unfortunately, I don’t have time to massively update you all on what’s going on with my life as I am set to do another mock paper tonight. Already doing one for business studies which I got 37/40 for – takes the mick when thats only a B though!!! A quick scan through my life though shows stress levels are a bit above average due to all of my exams which is expected for anyone so no major issues. Science is my complete worst subject so come to those exams and I’m sure I’ll be stressing more. Me and my boyfriend are good. And me and my friends are all going strong – bit emotional at times about the different sixth forms we’re going to, but nothing thats unexpected.

Thankyou all, I’m so sorry about brief posts. But as always feel free to email me as I’m likely to reply to those ASAP.


Abigail J

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