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I got myself a job..

Hola (take twenty-three) Amigos!

So, I guess I need to update you because surprisingly it’s been about 3 weeks and for once in my life and exciting things have happened.

Sixth form..not a lot to say, don’t dislike it, don’t like it but it’s slowly bringing back my independence. It started off bad as they dropped the ‘health and social’ option which is one I was really excited for but now I only do 3 subjects instead of 4 and it gives me 20 hours of frees a fortnight so it’s worked in my favour, now I’ve got crap loads of work the extra frees are serving me good and I don’t really have to do any work at home. Psychology I am really enjoying and finding everything so interesting and believe it or not all my teachers are okay! The only thing I’ve hated so far is the dress code, girls have been sent home left, right and centre for their skirt..right you think thats bad, let me mention the ones sent home because ‘their bra strap is visible’ ‘there’s too much shoulder on show’ ‘legs should be covered with tights’ ‘there’s too much skin appearing’ this has genuinely made me grit my teeth at times, I’ve been told off on several occasions for stupid remarks like this and the sexualising of girls clothes right now is driving me insane. Shoulders aren’t turning anyone on, not distracting any learning, or even making a boy look your way..but you telling me to go home and get changed while screaming at me and embarrassing me infront of my whole year isn’t distracting anyone? Really, this is another argument for a different day and possibly even a different blog so I’m going to leave it at this, but the teachers want to thank their lucky stars that no ones sent me home yet because God only knows who’s going to stop my mum screaming.

Anyway, onwards and upwards hey! First things first (or by now second things second) I’VE ONLY GONE AND GOT MYSELF A JOB! That one I applied for the other week asked me for an interview the following day and phoned me two days later to offer me the job, I start Sunday! The interview wasn’t as scary as films and that make out, the first one isn’t that bad at all..not even for me and I’m so shy! The two girls interviewing me were lovely and I answered each question fast and confidently, it was so good to know I’d achieved something, even if I didn’t get the job I would’ve been proud enough that I tried, and then I got it! However good it felt at the start the sooner Sunday 18th comes the more scared I get, but all I have to do is deep breaths and focus on the task infront. It’s training on the shop floor to begin with and I’m more nervous that I’ll take ages and customers will get annoyed, but everyone has to start somewhere, right?! So hopefully all will be okay in that department.

Another major thing that I’ve recently heard, unsure if it’s rumours but it was done by a specialist so unsure if it would be?! They’re trying to stop the diagnosis of PDA. I know, it makes you sick because for those of you who don’t know PDA isn’t like any other Autism, just as Asperges isn’t the same as ADHD, no two diagnoses are the same and no two people are the same. I’m honestly pretty much speechless about it at the moment because I just don’t know what to say, you can’t get rid of an autism just by removing the label, just as you can’t get rid of cancer by removing the name. PDA won’t just disappear because they stop diagnosing people with it, it’s just going to make the already existing fight for help even harder. They won’t be able to class those with PDA as those with ‘Asperges’ or any other diagnosis, it’s here for a can’t just decide it doesn’t belong or exist anymore. If they get rid of the name, they’ll have to make another one and that’s going to have to be introduced and understood. Just seems like such havoc for nothing.

Got many lovely comments the past few weeks so thank you, honestly means the world. You know the drill by now –

Thank you,

Abigail J

x x x